Featured Clients

  • Farm of Happiness

    One of the most craziest places to visit in India. It was a great challenge to replicate the same over the website. The team broke new grounds in producing this excellent website.

  • Serve The Cows

    A very unique brand proposing personal care / health care products made from the derivatives of holy cow of India. They support many Go-Shalas in India. We tried to capture these sentiments into an eCommerce website.

  • Arrive

    A Singapore based client thoroughly acquainted with Travel Social Media wanted us to replicate the travel experience on their venture Arrive.com. As the name suggests, in our journey we arrived in their hearts.

  • NewFinder

    The client intends to create a platform where one can interact with both cameras and the community that wields them. We have tried to replicate the beautiful experience of Camera View Finder on the website.

  • 4 Genius Minds

    4 Genius Minds (4GM) is a respected, award winning Authorized Solution Expert and Authorized Service Provider for Apple Inc. in India. Neat clean & efficient look is what this brand demands.

  • Holzoo Collections

    To travel is to escape from the monotony of routine. To travel is to discover the thrill of the unknown is what the brand claims. Holzoo Collections are suggested destinations & itenaries for the wanderers.

  • Jaypore

    Jaypore already had a website when we started the responsive design for Mobiles & Tablets. We tried & managed to replicate desktop experience on the responsive layout.

  • TIFR

    TATA Institute Of Fundamental Research's Cell Biology Lab focusing on on molecular processes of Genomic instablity in mammalian cells. GREEK... wasn't it? Even for us at the start. Later we stratched our grey cells to deliver them a beautiful looking website.


    Furniture Design Italia is a product of Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in collaboration with the Chambers of Commerce of Frosinone, Matera, Milan and Monza, Udine, Vicenza where Italian manufacturers of furniture and design products can promote their products online.

  • Wohoo Box

    Started in Dubai in August 2010, the founders have always been inspired by all things delectable. Our team managed to preserve the delicious flavours in the website.


  • Custom Designs & Experiences

    Why do you design your website as per 3rd party platform norms when the products are niche. Custom designs for eCommerce products creates experiences & enhances better engagements.

  • Responsiveness over Web & Mobile

    In an age where mobile transactions are coming up neck to neck viz a viz desktop transactions, responsive design is the way forward. We ensure that your business captures its deserved share of the device migration trend.

  • Fully Custom Web CMS

    Nothing can beat the idea of writing your own rules. We follow the same path - custom website design backed by custom content management system. Make it fully yours.

  • Advanced POS on tablets

    Use your iPad or Tablet to manage your store from anywhere. Whether you made a sale online, in-store, or on your phone, your inventory is automatically updated in real time.

  • Multiple API compatible

    Since writing our own rules is our passion, we have made our backend systems compatible with acceptible APIs.

E-Commerce Backend

Featured Openings

  • Frontend Developer

    Dedicated to translating wireframes into semantically correct web templates, developers possess an excellent working knowledge developing cross platform/browser compatibility for dynamic web applications. Should have a proven in-depth knowledge of popular JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery / Angular / NodeJS etc. and can articulate JavaScript design patterns.

  • PHP Developer

    PHP Devs will work on projects for external clients as well as internal projects. Minimum 2 years of comprehensive experience in web / enterprise application development in PHP with a good knowledge of related technologies. Solid understanding of OOP, relational databases, and SQL for implementing database-driven, web-based applications

  • Android Developer

    Experience working in a cross functional team and the ability to collaborate with designers and back-end engineers. Deep technical knowledge of Android mobile application development and understanding of OS-specific APIs with a demonstrated experience working end to end.


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    Vishveshwar Nagar Road, Goregaon East,
    Mumbai 400 063.